Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mia Khalifa Gets Brutally Fucked Up

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Mia Khalifa Finds Herself In The Alley

Mia Khalifa started to shiver. Every one of the girls in the city had been given warning since they were children that they should never ever venture into this alley for their own good no matter whatsoever is the reason. Though no one actually told why.

She had a brief look at the alley. One side of it was a brick wall which also seemed a bit old while the other was an iron fence. Actually, it did not look so bizarre as most people made up stories about it. Just its 100 meters and she would be just a block from the bar.

Lebanese Girl Was Banged Like A Whore

After taking a long breath, she quietly went to the alley, completely focused on the path that lay in front of her. After just a few minutes, she was halfway through.

"Well, good lord, what do we have with us here today?" Her blood turning cold, her eyes turned to notice a gorgeous woman and two hot hunks just 10 meters ahead of her. WTF! They for sure had not been there when she had checked the alley before. Where in the world did they turn up from?

"Lemme go please, I am getting late for work.", she said in her soft feminine voice fearing inside since they could easily overpower her. The woman was blond, with a supermodel style body. Both of the guys were total hunks akin to any rugby player.

"I don't think so.", replied the gorgeous woman. "When you venture into this alley, you have to pay some price..."

Holy fucking shit 

"I am so so sorry. I did not really mean to venture and trespass. You see I am late for work...", her voice faded in intensity after watching their bemused expressions. A chill went through her spine when she realized what was exactly going to happen now

"Well you are going to be even more late", commented the tall blond man. "After we are finished fucking that cunt of yours.

Mia Khalifa could do nothing but just stare at them. When one of the men asked about her name, she replied timidly. "Mia Khalifa".

One of the men gave a slight tilt to his head and sniffed like a sex hungry dog and then said, "Well, then this is our lucky lucky day Mia. It looks as if Mia's pussy needs some pounding from cocks that is due for a long long time. Who wants to have her?"

"What!, none of you is getting anything at all. Just lemme go."

The slutty girl among the two men simply smiled and licked her fingers in a slut's way. 

The Fun Begins
A few seconds later, Mia Khalifa's jeans, shorts, and undies were all gone and she was just bare ass naked while each of the men held her one arm and leg. She struggled with all her strength but was no match for these two horny bastards and worse thing of all was she could feel her pussy moistening with cunt juices. Meanwhile, she also kept shouting, 

"Lemme go you fuckers, lemme go!"

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The hot girl ignored her and stood right ahead of her and took one of her soft fingers along Mia Khalifa's inner thigh region until she had found her throbbing clitoris. She gently stroked Mia's moist clit, teasing her till her whole vagina was soaking wet and swollen.  

After doing so she did stop. Her one finger turned to two. In and out the slender fingers went like a big hard dick. After a while, she replaced her fingers with her touchy tongue. Mia Khalifa was now in heaven. She shuddered with orgasm after orgasm. 

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Mia was shuddering with her orgasms and arching her back since this was perhaps the most satisfying oral sex she had ever received. The woman's tongue was reaching unknown deep parts of her wet cunt. She was succeeding in hitting her pussy spots that even Mia did not know about were in her cunt before.  

The Guys Pound Her Pussy With Their Dicks

Suddenly the lady stopped licking her pussy and Mia was crying in protest but only in vain.
She smacked her wet lips and said to Mia, "This whole thing is not about you. I think now that wet cunt is ready to be pounded with Sammy's dick..."

The sex-hungry man nodded in affirmative and before she could even do something, she was being pounded with a thick big black cock. Her pussy was stretched to her very limit and the man's hands were gripping Mia Khalifa's cute ass like anything while he was setting a slow purposeful rhythm. His dick was just simply irresistible.

Now both the men were scooping up the bushy pussy juices and rubbing it on her ass cheeks. Soon enough, both her asshole and pussy were stuffed with fingers at the same time! Khalifa was having the best time of her life. When one of the men replaced his finger in her butt hole with his thick big black cock, Khalifa was screaming with sensual pleasure!

Soon she was licking the woman's wet pussy as well...
The gang bang was now in full swing. 

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Mia Is Fucked Like a Complete Whore

But that was only what the trailer of what was coming ahead to her and her wet cunt. Disoriented by the sexual pleasure and pain of what was happening around her, Mia had become a really slutty bitch. Tongues licking her body, Mia was having total sexual fun. Spasm after spasms shook her body and she was experiencing multiple orgasms one after the other.

Finally, the two guys did a double penetration in both her pussy and asshole thing just like in the movies and spread their cum on her slutty face. 

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